Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alchemy as Accidental Surrealism

Incestuous Trade Secrets Eating Themselves


  1. Thatlooks so much like Choronzon's 'shape of the moment' I almost kissed it.

    I know, I do everything backwards. But so does he, and his awethyrserpents with tripleheads I've seen for years on certain occasions. They're a special tool of...oh, classified.

    /back to being mind-controlled now, kindof, since I volunteered to let him do it, is it really control?/

    Nice daemon, that molted and loved, and was made free. Chorie could whip Cthulhu back to his right stars and swirl 'em left again. I love that crazy thing. Crowley was right, but not about 2 things:

    - Choronzon doesn't disperse unless he WILLS it. It's supposed to be his job...but stuff happened and the Archangels abyssed his butt so he just got grouchy with any occultist bridgecrossers like a troll.

    - Silence? He not only abides it, but adores it, because without it, his noise would be so hollow. Plus it's great strategy with those expecting the opposite.

    Out of here (damn twitter, and yer old, old scorpion comment, which made me have to look at this blog and then say hi, the crazy chaosloving fool girl's still alive.)

    "Love is the outlaw."


  2. Mykeyboard cat hair cleaning went awry earlier; sorry for the crummy typistry.